Wed Mar 25 @ 7:15PM - 09:00PM

General Meeting

Wednesday March 25 @ 7:15 09:00 P.M.

Note Temporary Change of Day of Week and Location for General Meeting

MARCH 25TH, 2015 GGCS General Meeting:

First Presbyterian Church of San Rafael (Sanctuary)


2-fer: Chromebook Review & Google Drive and Apps

Chromebook sales are growing at 67% per year and now represent over a third of laptop sales. They are inexpensive, fast-booting, and are silently and automatically self-updating. Their apps are free (or inexpensive) and come from a store similar to those for cell phones and tablets. They have a long battery life, don’t need an antivirus, and are backed up to the cloud automatically.  However, they don’t run Windows, so is that a deal killer? Not for a lot of people. GGCS member Steve Shank, who is evaluating a Chromebook for use by his wife, will discuss this and more at the March 25 General Meeting.


In the second half of the meeting, GGCS member Tom Schiff will show us how much we can do with just a browser and Google drive, whether on a Chromebook, a Windows, or Mac computer; an Android or IOS phone; or a tablet. In addition to Gmail, he’ll show how easy it is to create sophisticated documents, spreadsheets, presentations, schedules, diagrams, and forms. He’ll also show how these are available both online (as apps) and offline (as extensions), and explain the Google model of multi-user, collaboration, multi-platform, and version retention and backup. Tom just taught a series of classes on Google Docs at the Tiburon Library


 6:00 P.M. J Intro to Computing Class: What’s inside the box?
There may come a time when you’d want to open up your computer. Maybe you want to make your computer faster or add new equipment or software that requires a plug-in card. GGCS’ John King will lead a free hour-long class in computer hardware at The Sanctuary at the First Presbyterian Church of San Rafael at 6 p.m.,  Wednesday, March 25, to learn about motherboards, CPU, RAM, hard drives, floppy drives, cases, fans, cables, and power supplies.
John leads a rotating set of eight classes before each month’s General Meeting. For more information, see

GGCS General Meetings offer a friendly forum for people interested in computers at all user levels, from novice to expert.


The meeting usually follows this schedule:

  • 7:15 pm – Announcements, followed by an open session during which members and guests can ask the group for help or opinions.

  • 7:30 pm – Main presentation. 

  • 9:00 pm – Closing with a raffle of various hardware, software and books.  There are often quite a few items from which to choose. Each member gets a free raffle ticket, both members and non-members may purchase additional raffle tickets.