Tue Sep 01 @ 1:30PM - 03:00PM

Google Services SIG

This group will explore the many Google services, learn the intricacies of how they work and help people become proficient using them. It will also explore Google+, which is not only a social networking service but a social layer existing on top of all Google services. A Google+ account is often a requirement to take full advantage of many Google applications. In the various meetings we will explore:
• Overview of Google+
• How to access Google+ (Google account)
• Google+ versus Facebook
• Circles
• Your profile
• Share
• Explore
• Communities
• Hangouts
• Google+ for business
• Groups and Hangouts
• Search, including the Toolbar, specialized searches such as academic search, image search and tricks of the trade
• Gmail and Contacts
• Maps and Earth
• Youtube
• Image and video
• Docs, Calendar
• Google Drive
• And much more


Paul Bell - sfpaulsf@gmail.com

Wed Sep 02 @ 1:30PM - 03:30PM


This group is for beginners and intermediates with computers becoming more computer-literate. All aspects are explored. Leaders: David Schieser 415-332-4751, Russ Flaum 415-897-1017

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Wed Sep 02 @ 7:30PM - 08:30PM

Steering Committee

This is the monthly committee meeting where the Board of Directors and Steering Committee get together to discuss GGCS business.  Members are always welcome to attend or submit suggestions.

Contact Heinz Scheuenstuhl, tel: 415-990-2097


Wed Sep 02 @ 8:30PM - 09:30PM

Presentations Committee

This is the monthly meeting where the Presentations Committee gets together to discuss the ins and outs of the monthly General Meeting presentation.  Members are always welcome to attend and the committee looks forward to “new blood” to help with the discussions.  This meeting immediately follows the Steering Committee meeting in the classroom.


Contact Russ Flaum, russ@ggcs.org