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Week of September 18 to September 22, 2017


Third Wednesday, 1:30 PM at the GGCS Classroom

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 

Michael Brunsfeld Will Present Creative Uses of iPad Apps with Photos—Part 2(an extension of the Presentation given on April 19, 2017)

Michael Brunsfeld is an Illustrator, Art Director, Photoshop Instructor, and a member of the Marin Photo Club, and would like to demonstrate and explain his mobile workflow. Over the last five years, Michael has made it a habit of posting everyday an “Altered FoTo” to Flickr, FaceBook, Instagram and other sites.  In this process he has explored the simplicity of using mobile devices, techniques and apps and now is rarely bound to the desktop.

First he transfers photos from his cameras via wifi to the iPad. There he develops” the image by using Google Snapseed.to adjust value and color and remove unwanted items.  Then he creates a number of “filtered” variations— using apps like Dreamscope, Prisma or Moku Hanga,  Finally, he opens up his favorite all-around app called iColorama and composites together elements that he has just created by first creating masks to assemble the best bits together, then altering local color, value and especially texture for a final image that departs from the “reality” of the original photo in favor of something . . . painterly, illustrative and unique.

Directions to Classroom:  Mission and E Streets at the rear of the First Prebysteran Church down four steps on the right.

There is a $5.00 charge for non GGCS members.



Third Wednesday, 7:00 PM at the GGCS Classroom

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Internet and More is where people gather to talk amongst themselves about any topic related to the Internet, which allows for a broad range of conversational topics.  This month’s Internet and More will be hosted by Karen Stagg kstagg@ggcs.org

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